List of Unimportant Software

List of Unimportant Software

List of Unimportant Software – In your computer or laptop, you must have some software that is not so important in it that can cause the system to slow down or hang. The following is a list of unnecessary software that you should remove

1. QuickTime

QuickTime is a video player application from Apple. While QuickTime is still available and usable on macOS, Apple turned off QuickTime support for Windows-based PCs in 2016.

Shortly after announcing the discontinuation of QuickTime on Windows, Trend Micro reported that QuickTime had several security issues that Apple did not patch. Therefore, it is currently not safe to install QuickTime on Windows. If you use QuickTime and need an alternative, VLC is the one you must try.

2. CCleaner

CCleaner was originally a trusted Windows application for removing junk files on PCs, but its reputation has declined since its acquisition by Avast. A number of problems have arisen ranging from forced updates without permission, the data collection process that activates itself after the PC is restarted to so-called malware that enters the PC without the user’s knowledge. CCleaner is now better than ever, but for those who are worried that old problems will reoccur, you can use Windows’ built-in junk file cleaner feature, Disk Cleanup.

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3. uTorrent

uTorrent used to be one of the main applications for downloading torrent files, but problems that have arisen in the last few years have made it no longer reliable. In addition to presenting advertisements on the main page, uTorrent also sometimes offers several other tools or software, which for some people is very annoying.

Not only that, in 2015, uTorrent was also known to embed cryptocurrency mining software without the user’s knowledge. For alternatives, qBittorent is the most recommended.

4. Adobe Flash Player and Shockwave Player

Adobe officially discontinued support for Flash Player as of January this year. Although it has been blocked in some popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Edge, for those who have a copy of Flash Player as a local file on their PC, it is highly recommended to remove it.

That way, the user’s PC can be safe from security problems in the future, considering that Adobe no longer provides any support for Flash. Apart from Flash Player, another plugin called Shockwave Player is also recommended to be removed, as Adobe has also stopped providing support for it since 2019.