Best Accounting Software Recommendations

Best Accounting Software Recommendations – Finding the best accounting software for your business is a challenging task, because each accounting software has its own advantages. The accounting system is one of the most important software for any business in Indonesia. There is not a single business that does not manage finances and financial management in several companies can become very complex so that the role of financial applications is currently very much needed.

Not only managing payments to suppliers or making invoices for clients, there are still many processes in financial management that need to be simplified such as tax management, bank reconciliation, debt and receivable management, and many more.

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Financial management is something that must be done by business owners, whether large-scale businesses or at the MSME level. Financial management will be the basis for the development of a business. The state of a business can also be seen from the way they manage finances. A good business must have good financial management, and vice versa. To facilitate financial management, there are many ways that can be taken. Starting from taking notes with Microsoft Excel to hiring the services of an accountant. But there is an easier way, namely by using free accounting software. In addition to being easy, this method can also be done without spending a fee or free.

If you are currently looking for accounting software to automate the handling of finances in your business, then you are reading the right article. The following is a list of the best accounting software in Indonesia that can be your consideration.

10 Recommended Free Accounting Software

1. Wave
Wave is a free accounting software that is equipped with features such as sending invoices, recording financial statements, and making online receipts. With this accounting software from Wave, you can link unlimited bank accounts and credit cards to your books. Wave has been used by hundreds of thousands of users both free and paid.

2. Zipbook
One of the free accounting software and very suitable for SMEs is Zipbook. Although given for free, Zipbook has quite complete features. Zipbooks are also an option for freelancers or freelancers to manage their finances. To provide convenience for users, Zipbook provides a live chat service that is always active during working hours. However, because Zipbook is not yet available in Indonesia, you have to adjust your working hours with working hours abroad.

3. Accounting
Accounting offers various important features needed by a business. With Accounting, you can invoice, sync accounts, track expenses, set up recurring invoices, manage customers, as well as manage vendors. Accounting is an accounting software that can be accessed for free but to access more advanced features such as online payments, you have to download an application which will cost you an annual fee.

4. Slickpie
Slackpie is an accounting software that offers an easy-to-understand interface for beginners. For those of you who don’t have much experience in the field of accounting software, you can choose Slickpie. In addition, Slackpie can also be accessed for free, but unfortunately for now, Slackpie does not have an Indonesian language option.

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5. GNUCash
GNUCash has been known and used by many people, especially this accounting software is designed for small and medium businesses. GNUCash is equipped with features such as account invoicing, receivables, account payables, investment accounts, value depreciation, tax tables, credit accounts, and loans. With GNUCash, you can track your income, bank account, expenses as well as stocks.

6. Cloudbooks
With the free version of Cloudbooks, you can use this accounting software and can add users freely, can create invoices, create projects, do integrated time tracking, track expenses and also provide estimates. Whereas with the paid version, you will get the facility of sending more than 5 invoices every month and can offer online payments on your invoices.

7. Zoho Invoice
Zoho Invoice is a free accounting software that can be accessed on smartphones and you can also integrate Zoho Invoice into the website version available on a computer or laptop. That way Zoho will make it easier for users because it can be accessed anywhere.

8. NCH Express
NCH ​​Express is one of the accounting software whose free version can support the financial management of small businesses with less than 5 employees. With this accounting software, you can access and generate 20 financial reports needed by businesses. With this NCH Express you can also manage debts and receivables. Meanwhile, to be able to access bookkeeping online, you must purchase a cloud version of accounting software.

9. TurboCash
TurboCash is a free accounting application that is very suitable for small, medium and large businesses, TurboCash will help you manage business finances starting from making profit and loss reports, making balances, trial balances, bank reconciliation reports, invoices, VAT accounting, stock control, and also ledger production.

10. Kledo Free Accounting Software
One of the free applications that you must try is accounting software from Kledo. Kledo will make it easier for you to manage your business with Kledo’s features, such as for recording expenses, recording company income, and also for making financial reports. The convenience offered by Kledo can be found in the features provided by Kledo. The following features are owned by Kledo:…