Best iOS and MacOS Software for Writers

Best iOS and MacOS Software for Writers – After going through several stages of the filtering process, we are finally able to perfect the articles we have collected with data from reliable sources regarding the best iOS and MacOS software for writers.

Do you have an iPad or iMac and you love writing? If so, this article is for you. If not? Hopefully with this article, you are excited to write.

These are software tools for iOS and MacOS that Apple fans can use to streamline literary ideas and activities.

1. Pages

First, let’s start with what’s already on MacOS and iOS, namely “Pages”.

Like Microsoft Word for Apple, Pages, which is part of the iWork Productivity Suite, is a word processing software that is no less up-to-date than its Microsoft rival.

In fact, Pages can be said to have various features that are not visible in Microsoft Word such as really cool templates, features for processing audio into words, and collaboration features like Google Docs!

Oh yes, if you are already working on a document in Microsoft Word format, Pages understands and supports that format too.

If you have an Apple device other than a Macbook (such as an iPhone or iPad), you can work on your documents anywhere and anytime by saving them on iCloud. Your friends can also collaborate on documents.

To keep your documents safe, make sure your Apple device supports Touch ID so only you and you can open it!

If you are an emcee, don’t bother. Pages can be turned into a teleprompter with Presenter Mode! Just type what you want to say, done.

2. Microsoft Word

Take it easy, even though it’s a rival, that doesn’t mean Microsoft products can’t be used on Apple (even though Pages isn’t available for Windows). You can also consider Microsoft Word as your favorite word processor.

Even though Pages looks so sophisticated, Microsoft Word has undoubtedly maintained its dominance as the best word processing tool on any operating system (OS), including Apple.

If you are a Microsoft Word user, you must be familiar with its user-friendly features and can make the writing process fast and straightforward.

Just like Pages, Microsoft Word is also equipped with collaborative features, so that you and your friends can join in editing documents anywhere and anytime. Just save it on OneDrive.

However, even though it is available for free, to enjoy other exclusive features, you are required to buy the Office 365 Home package for IDR 1.2 million (IDR 120 thousand per month) or Office 365 Home & Business for IDR 4.7 million (one time purchase).

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3. Google Docs

If you’re looking for software with features that are no less recent than Microsoft Word and Pages and collaborative features that run smoothly, Google has the answer.

No need to download on the device, this one software is very easy to use. It’s so easy, Apple users give it a score of 4.8 out of 5!

You only have to open, and you can invite your friends to work on a document together without having to bother meeting at one point.

No need to worry, just like its rivals, Google Docs can be done offline, while waiting for the internet to turn on again. Of course, if the internet dies, all by yourselves.

When it’s finished, all you have to do is download your work, just in case you want to edit it in another word processing tool.…