The Strongest Fighter Hero in Mobile Legends Game

The Strongest Fighter Hero in Mobile Legends Game – Hearing the mobile legends game must be familiar, this game can be called the most popular game today.

Not all heroes in Mobile Legends require high skill mechanics when playing them, for example, heroes in the Support role, they are very easy to use because they don’t require hand speed to play them. But it’s a different story with the Fighter role, the heroes in this role have complicated skills. Not only hand speed, you also have to have high skill mechanics in order to win the match.

1. Yu Zhong

The first fighter is Yu Zhong, not just anyone can use this hero. Playing Yu Zhong’s hero must always pay attention to his combo skills, attacks done carelessly will be useless and can even cause death. In addition, Yu Zhong’s hero also has four different skills, a large number of skills of course often make players often make mistakes.

Even though it is difficult to use, Yu Zhong’s hero is very deadly and very feared when in the late game. Targets like Marksman and Mage can be instantly killed in one hit.

2. Paquito

The second is Paquito, this fighter is really overpowered in season 22. Paquito has three active skills, two of which must be directed while the other one must hit the target. The biggest difficulty when playing Paquito is how to maximize his passive skills, this skill requires calculations and also the right timing.

Despite being so overpowered, it’s rare to find a truly GG Paquito user. It is very clear that to use this hero requires high hand speed and also a strong instinct. You can?

3. Chou

The third fighter is Chou, this hero is famous for his very deadly combo skill. Hero Chou only has three active skills, skill one and skill two to use to blink while the third skill is used to give crowd control effects. The biggest difficulty when playing this hero is understanding the combo skill, which obviously requires a lot of experience to really play Chou’s hero.

One of the things that must be mastered before using Chou is a matter of timing, this hero can be easily killed if you come forward and do an open war. Interested to try?

4. Alpha

The fourth hero is Alpha, skill mechanics are needed when playing this hero. The timing of using the ultimate skill and skill two must be really right, the other skill is also difficult to direct. In addition to speed, you must also be able to resist the urge to kill. Just like Chou, this hero also can’t just enter the war. Alpha must wait for the right moment to attack, wrong in determining the target can actually make Alpha killed.

5. Argus

Argus is a very strong hero, this hero can actually play bars regardless of the number of opponents he faces. However, playing this hero is not as easy as imagined. The three active skills have a very long cooldown, therefore they cannot be used arbitrarily.

Argus is included in the brust damage type hero, so the attack must be really precise, if the target is not killed then Argus is the one who has the potential to be killed. Have you ever used it?…