The Best Horror Games for Android that Are Very Scary

The Best Horror Games for Android that Are Very Scary – Tired of mediocre games? Maybe it’s time for you to try playing horror games. On this occasion, I will recommend some of the best Android horror games that you must try. These games are not only fun to play, but the visual effects and sound in this game can make your skin crawl. Guaranteed you will think twice if you want to play it alone at night.

1.Curse Breakers: Horror Mansion

This is a point and click puzzle game. As a player, you must explore a haunted house to reveal a hidden secret. In fact, you will also establish communication with psychics. In this game, you will not find a ghost that appears in front of your face suddenly, Curse Breakers is more of a casual game that carries elements of horror. Curser Breakers: Horror Mansion is a free game available on the Google Play Store.


The objective of this game is actually very easy, you are only asked to find 8 lost old books. However, do not underestimate the mission, yes! The reason is, your adventure to find the eight books is very difficult and filled with mystical elements. You are also asked to solve some puzzles, you know. Dare to play the Slendrina game?

3.Dead Trigger 2

After the success of Dead Trigger 1, Madfinger Games launched the second Dead Trigger series. Like the previous series, players have to fight against a lot of zombies. You will be equipped with various weapons, such as swords, katana, and rifles. This game is quite fun and thrilling. Can you fight off the large number of zombies alone? Prove it by downloading Dead Trigger 2 right now! This game can be obtained for free on the Google Play Store.

4.Reporter 2

If you want a thrilling and horror game, try playing the game Reporter 2. Here, players will be positioned as someone who has survived the hospital as a result of an incident. However, miraculously, you are now brought into a house. You see a mysterious girl who appears frequently and then suddenly disappears. At first, you will feel like you don’t care. But then, curiosity about the girl arises and every night you will never calm down because there will always be a haunting.


This game was introduced as a game on PC which was later worked on to become an Android game. The game, which is one of the best games chosen by the editor, presents a thrilling horror adventure. Here will be presented stories that are quite gripping and tense. Not only that, even DISTRAINT provides sound effects that make the atmosphere even more tense and scary.

6.The Walking Dead Season One and Two

Who is not familiar with the television series that is very booming in various countries, The Walking Dead? Based on the success of the television series, now you too can play the game The Walking Dead. In this game, you will take on the role of Lee, a guy who is looking for a girl named Clementine, where this girl must survive to avoid the zombies that are roaming around. Great graphics features, a gripping storyline, and the decisions you have to make as a player make The Walking Dead Season One and Two a horror game for Android that really deserves to be played.


In this game, you are not equipped with weapons to kill ghosts. Eyes is an arcade game that takes place in an empty, unused basement. The main goal of the player is to collect more valuable items by exploring the basement. When on your screen appears the word “RUN!” it means there are ghosts around you. If you look around, you will find a ghost chasing you. All you have to do is run so you don’t get killed by the ghost. Eyes is a simple game that is enough to challenge your courage.

8.Into the Dead

This one survival game makes you keep running indefinitely. At first glance the plot of this game is similar to Temple Run. Not escaping from giants who want to eat you, but you have to survive from a number of zombies. The dark sandy environment is the main setting of Into the Dead. You must save yourself from the unstoppable number of zombies. Into the Dead is a fairly popular game. Games made by PIKPOK are also available for free.


No ghosts, no zombies. In Limbo, you play a character who is a little boy trying to find his little brother. However, the reality is not that simple. You’ll have to pass through terrifying terrain and traps to find your little brother. There is no other color than black and white in this game. You will feel like you are in another world when you play Limbo. Even though it seems like a simple game, Limbo has a 4.8 out of 5 rating.


Granny is one of the most thrilling horror-thriller games. How not, here tells how you are trapped in a house alone. The scary thing is, in the house there is a crazy old woman who likes to kill.
You have to save yourself and get out of that house at all costs. Don’t let the grandmother find out, because you could be killed by the grandmother. If you hear grandma approaching you, hide immediately! Grab any equipment, weapons, and items you can use to defend yourself.…