10 Best Games for Girls on Android

10 Best Games for Girls on Android – Are you confused about finding the right game references for women to play?
Take it easy! I have really recommended games for girls that are really fun to play on your Android.

So, those who are looking for games for your sister, cousin, or niece, can also find out these games for girls. Of course it’s safe!

1. Fashion Model 2018 – Rising Star Girl

For those of you who are fashionistas with a great sense of style here is a cool dress up game with lots of options. This latest girls game 2018 can train you to become a celebrity, famous actress, popular singer, and supermodel.

2. Frozen Free Fall

This game is a real puzzle game. But with the touch and feel of the Frozen movie. Get ready to embark on an epic puzzle adventure in the Kingdom of Arendelle.

3. Supermarket Girl Cashier Game – Grocery Shopping

Enjoy grocery shopping and cashier management in this coolest supermarket game. Be a cashier girl and supermarket manager to handle all kinds of customers. Help them shop for groceries and use your math skills to handle the fun of being a cashier.

4. Sweet Baby Girl Cleaning Games 2018

This game is probably the new way to practice cleaning the house and doing daily chores. In this game we will be trained to clean the house, toilet, to wash and clean the car. If you are interested in playing this game, the download link is below, guys!

5. Doll House Games for Decoration & Design 2018

This game is a kids decorating game that teaches them to clean, design and decorate the house. This girls game is very addictive and fun to play continuously. There are various rooms that you can design and decorate, including bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens.

Girls Cooking Games

1. World Chef

Aspiring to become a global top chef? Just try to learn from this girl’s cooking game, guys. You can learn various menus and recipes from all over the world. Then serve it to VIP guests. Not only cooking, in this game you are required to manage a restaurant. Starting from choosing a location, decorating, to exchanging food with other restaurants

2. Good Pizza, Great Pizza

The next cooking girls game is Good Pizza, Great Pizza.
Here you will play the role of a pizza restaurant owner and have to serve more than 80 types of customers. You must serve pizza to order. Starting from the ingredients, sauces, and toppings. Don’t make your customers angry!

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3. Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay

Pasti kenal kan dengan si chef terkenal bernama Gordon Ramsey ini? Nah di game ini kamu akan memasak di bawah pengawasan karakter Gordon guys. Kamu harus memasak sesuai dengan arahan Chef Gordon. Selain memasak secara tim, kamu juga bisa battle lho. Kamu bisa adu jago masak dengan pemain lain di dalam game ini. Kalu kamu suka tipe game seperti ini, kamu bisa baca lebih lengkapnya di artikel game memasak terbaru.

4. Chef Story

Chef Story mengajak kamu untuk menyajikan hidangan lezat sambil berpacu dengan waktu. Kamu harus menyelesaikan tantangan di setiap levelnya secepat dan setepat mungkin agar mendapatkan nilai tertinggi. Dapatkan nilai tertinggi dan kamu akan diakui sebagai chef kelas dunia di game ini. Oh iya, kalau kamu mau mencari game memasak yang tidak butuh kuota seperti ini, lihat di artikel game memasak offline.

5. My Cookie Shop – Sweet Store

In this game you will act as a cake shop manager whose job is to make cakes, serve buyers to take care of the continuity of the shop. The money you collect can later be used to unlock (unlock) the latest cake recipe which you can later sell at a higher price.

If your shop gets bigger, you can also get customers to buy more cakes to make more money for you too.