Software That You Don’t Need to Install on Windows 10

Software That You Don’t Need to Install on Windows 10 – Of the many applications installed on your PC, do you use them regularly and function properly, and sometimes there are some applications that you don’t even know their function of.

Try to count, how many applications are installed on your PC? Then, do you wear everything regularly? In reality, we don’t use all the applications installed on the PC. Some of them don’t even know their function. Confess!

These applications will only take up storage and even make the PC slower. Therefore, it would be better if you delete it. What can you do? Check out the following.

1. Internet Explorer

Who is still using this browser? Internet Explorer is known to be so slow that many people make memes about it. This software owned by Microsoft has been abandoned by users because there are many other browsers that work better.

Reporting from Make Use Of, Microsoft has also said that they will not update the Internet Explorer feature. But somehow they still offer Internet Explorer as the default application.

2. WhatsApp

Not that it’s useless, WhatsApp is included in this list because there are still other options for accessing it. You don’t need to bother installing it on a laptop. Apart from using mobile phones, WhatsApp Web is also available which can be accessed from a browser.

The method is also quite easy. You just have to open WhatsApp Web then scan the barcode with the application installed on your cellphone. You can also directly access your account.

3. CCleaner

You installed CCleaner on your PC? This app claims to clean your PC and make it run faster. However, CCleaner actually has a similar function to Windows Disk Cleanup.

It does perform the function according to its claim. However, there are some downsides that it can bring to your PC. Some users have complained about malware issues and spying features that are thought to come from CCleaner. If you decide to delete it, you can still clean your PC with tools from Windows.

4. iTunes

Reporting from The Atlantic, iTunes is a bad Apple application, especially when installed on a PC. Mac users only complain about this. You can imagine how bad it would be if the music application was installed for Windows right?

It will not damage the system or install malware anyway. However, the performance is very slow and difficult to operate. Instead, you can install other music apps that work better on PC.

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5. Flash Player

Flash Player or Shockwave Player is a product made by Adobe. This application, which has been around for 20 years, has drawn complaints about its security.

Reporting from the Groovy Post, Adobe will even withdraw it from the market in 2020. Apart from that, another reason to delete it is because there are many other applications that can run the Flash Player function.

6. Norton Antivirus

A good antivirus will protect you from all threats without you knowing it is working. Norton can indeed protect you from viruses and their friends.

However, this application is quite “noisy”. What this means is, it will keep on appearing on the screen and slowing down your PC. Many users complained about this but Norton didn’t do much.…