Best Photo Editing Software

Best Photo Editing Software – Nowadays, there are more and more people who like and are happy with what is called photo editing and even video. But not just any application that can make good and charming results. Now that we don’t need an application anymore, we can use some software that has the same function. Fortunately, Lightroom is not the only best photo editing software because out there there are quite a lot of similar software that is no less interesting and cool, open-source alias can be downloaded and used for free. Curious? Here are some of them.

GIMP is a free editing software that is perfect for editing photos, especially retouching or enhancing photos. Developed by the GIMP Development Team, this software is equipped with a myriad of photo manipulation features suitable for both casual users and professional creators.

GIMP can be an interesting option for those who don’t have much experience with photo manipulation. In addition to the Lightroom alternative, this software that supports third-party plugins and is available on Windows, MacOS and Linux, is also often recommended as an alternative to Photoshop.

2. DigiKam
Next up is DigiKam, a free photo editing software that focuses on photo management and tag editing. In addition, this software also includes a complete editing package designed to import, export, edit and manage photos or RAW images.

This software also has a variety of filters to choose from, in addition to support for placing photo albums so that your edited photos can be easily searched and found. DigiKam is the most viable choice for those who need software that can compare one photo to another, well.

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3. Photo Flow
Photo Flow is one of the best free photo editing software that supports editing for photos or images in RAW format. This software is designed to do things like retouching, but on the other hand, it also has several tools that allow users to do simple editing.

Besides RAW, Photo Flow also supports a variety of other photo formats. Photo Flow is suitable for those who want to manipulate RAW photos using tools that do not destroy the original data of the photo such as HDR tone mapping.

4. LightZone
LightZone is a free photo editing software that was originally created for commercial photo editing purposes. But now, Lightzone is available to all types of users and can be downloaded and used for free.

Just like Photo Flow, LightZone also supports “non-destructive editing” where the editing process is done on a different layer so that the original photo is not replaced by an edited photo and is still stored. In addition, just like Photo Flow – again, LightZone is also recommended for editing RAW photos because it can produce photos in high-quality JPG format.…