Career Prospects for Softwarer Programmers 

Career Prospects for Softwarer Programmers  – Programmer is one of the careers that is quite popular with today’s teenagers, the task of a programmer is to create or test code used to create a software program.

Along with the development of the digital world, the need for labor in the technology sector is also increasing. However, despite the increasing number of job vacancies in the technology sector, there are still many companies in Indonesia that have difficulty finding human resources who are good at technology. One of the causes is the gap between the required qualifications and the skills that prospective workers have.

1. High demand jobs in Indonesia

The demand for jobs in technology is very high. How could it not be, digitization is now occurring in all sectors: from logistical needs, to basic necessities, to examinations to doctors which are carried out online. However, the availability of competent manpower in the field of technology, especially programming, is still lacking.

Amanda, who is also a computer science graduate at Curtin University, Australia, stated, “In these 10 years, Indonesia still lacks 9 million programmers, you know. When compared to other countries, it is quite far behind, huh. Most people are aware that digital developments continue to occur, but awareness and willingness to study technology in more depth is still rare. ”

In fact, despite the 70% reduction in job vacancies in general, companies’ need for programmers is still fairly stable. “How come? Just order coffee now it’s digitized. So, if you want to talk about good job prospects for this digital era, yes, programmer, “.

2. Improving the Indonesian education system in the field of technology

When compared with several other countries, education in Indonesia in the technology sector is still quite behind. As a simple example, Amanda said that she once conducted a survey at an educational institution and found that the books that are still used at that institution are the same books when she was in college. “Information technology is a science that is constantly changing, the curriculum must be dynamic, it does not need to be standardized,” he explained.

Amanda added, “Ideally, by looking at the needs of programmers in this digital era, information and communication technology lessons should learn more about programming and coding. It’s no longer the time to study Microsoft, you know. You see, Indonesia is lagging behind the education system abroad – coding has been taught since children enter elementary school. The curriculum of information and communication technology cannot be stagnant, it must be updated so that it is continuously relevant. ”

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3. Not always good at math

Not a few people think that studying information technology will involve a lot of memorization and mathematical calculations. In order not to get entangled with this assumption, Amanda explained some of the skills that you really must have, “There are some fundamental things that we need to have as the main capital to learn programming and coding. Logic, computational thinking, English, and if there is math, that’s just basic math. I’m not good at math either. ”

For new graduates, there is also no need to worry if they do not fully master the field. In the eyes of experienced programmers, recruitment teams usually judge not only their abilities, but also several other important things, such as willingness to experiment on their own, curiosity, curiosity, and persistence in problem solving.

4. Take advantage of the pandemic period to enrich your portfolio

The COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably affected the labor market in Indonesia. Even though the economic situation is uncertain, it is believed that jobs in technology will still be wide open. This moment is an opportunity for new graduates or prospective workforce in the field of technology to learn new things and to be more aggressively upskilling so that they can adapt to the latest trends.…