Newest and Free Online Action Game

Newest and Free Online Action Game – In today’s era, online games can be said to be at the peak of their popularity. Action is a genre that is most in demand by gamers today. These games generally contain cool stunts that can boost your adrenaline.

Although most of these action genre games are released on PCs, it doesn’t mean that Mobile, especially Android, doesn’t have a variety of cool action games to play. Well, if you are interested in the Action game genre, here we will provide a list of the best Android action games in 2021! Read more below!

1. All Cookies must die
Here you play as Jack who is a secret agent who has a variety of secret powers contained within him. Jack’s mission is to fight the radiation-changed cakes aiming to rule the world. You can use a variety of weapons, throw bombs, and hit the cakes using your hands in the game. Wrapped in cartoon graphics, this game is quite fun to play, especially for those of you who are interested in 2D action games.

2. League of Legends: Wild Rift
The MOBA game ‘League of Legends: Wild Rift!’ is well-known as the toughest competitor of the ‘DOTA 2’ and ‘Mobile Legends’ games that have been around for a long time on the PC version. However, recently Riot Games as a developer launched it in a mobile version.

This game has a hero who has the title Champion who has the roles of Fighter, Tank, Mage, Assassin, Support and Marksman. Broadly speaking, the way of playing LOL is the same as other MOBA games by having various special lanes and also minions.

3. AWP Mode
AWP mode is the latest action game where players will compete using snipers. There will be a variety of sniper weapons that you can customize starting from the scope, adding silencers and so on. You can also upgrade various AWP weapons starting from the damage, or knockback to increase the opacity of your weapons. This game is quite interesting, especially for those of you who are interested in practicing the skills you have in using a sniper rifle.

4. eFootball PES 2021
This legendary game since the days of the PlayStation 1 continues to increase every year. If you are a football lover, you must install this application on your smartphone. eFootball PES 2021 Mobile comes with a much more realistic visual appearance compared to eFootball PES 2020 Mobile. The players who appear in the game are almost identical to the real figures in the real world.

5.Way of Retribution
Way of retribution can be said to be one of the most challenging action rpg games. This game has very similar graphics and gameplay to Dark Soul. There is full character customization, accompanied by various classes that can be accessed in the game. Equipment and skills will depend on the class you have. This game is perfect for those of you who like challenges and are interested in playing the Android version of Soul Like.

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6. Shadowgun War Games – Online PvP FPS
Shadow Gun is a Tactical multiplayer FPS game with impressive graphics. In this game players will fight with other players in 5VS5 matches. Players must use the strategy you have to fight with your friends in capture the flag mode, kill enemies relentlessly in team death matches, and much more.

7. World War Heroes: WW2 FPS
World War Heroes: WW2 FPS is an action game where players will test their skills during the war with other players. You can use tanks, firearms, and various other equipment that can be used in the game to kill the enemies. In addition, there will be various modes such as Deathmatch battle, or bomb mode to test your skills.

8. Men In Black: Galaxy Defenders
Just like the movie, Men In Black: Galaxy defenders is a game where you will play to keep the peace of the earth from extraterrestrials. There will be various modes, characters, and weapons that can be explored in this game.

9. Anima
Anima is a hack and slash action RPG game inspired by classic rpg games from the past like Diablo. This game provides various freedoms for players to explore everything in the game, starting from the world, the skills it has, to the desired play style. This game is quite rare to find on Mobile, and has become one of the favorite action RPG games today.

10. Noblemen: 1896
FPS game in the era of 1896 with a very unique story line. In the game, you play as soldiers who have weapons and very powerful soldiers. Your job here is to survive and win in the wars that took place in that era. There will be a variety of weapons that will be present starting from the Steam tank that will fire cannons at players, the Gatling gun team that shoots non-stop, and many more. Can you win the war that is happening?…