Things You Must Know About Software Developers

Things You Must Know About Software Developers – Next, we will provide reliable articles that we have summarized and made as light as possible, so that they can be read by all groups, here are things you must know about software developers.

1. Software developer is a job with an ever-changing field of science

According to Amanda, software developer is a field of work with ever-changing knowledge. For that, he said that the educational curriculum regarding programming languages ​​could not be standardized because it would change every year. In fact, he revealed that the Skilvul boot camp that he formed had a curriculum that was changed every two months.

“In my opinion, specifically the field of software developer is a science that is always changing. So the existing curriculum cannot be standardized because it keeps changing. If it is formalized, it could become stale. So it is more dynamic. We update the curriculum in Skilvul every month,” he said.

2. Logic, computational thinking, and English are the basic skills that a software developer must have

In the webinar session, the Chief of Evolution Skilvul also said that there are three basic abilities that are very important for a software developer to have. “To become a software developer, the most important abilities are logic, computational thinking, and English,” he explained.

Although according to Amanda, logic skills are not fully related to scripting coding, this is very helpful when you want to implement an algorithm. In addition, the ability to computational thinking is important for the foundation and foundation in learning computer programming languages.

So, while the ability to speak English is used to find solutions to any problems that arise in coding. This is because usually all programming languages ​​use English. In fact, the source of this knowledge is in English.

“Logic is not related to scripting coding, but from this logic it can be implemented to process algorithms. Computational thinking refers more to the basics for learning programming languages. So, if this ability is not strong, you will find it difficult when you are offered a job with a programming language other than the one. You can. For English, all programming languages ​​use English. Existing sources even all use English, “said Amanda.

3. There is no age limit for learning a programming language

“Age is not something that can limit us from learning to be programmers. As long as there is an intention and motivation, anyone can certainly be able to pursue this field. However, the ideal age is that they should be able to read first,” said Amanda.

He even shared his experience of meeting a programmer who was only 10 years old. According to Amanda, this could happen because abroad the computational thinking curriculum has been taught since students are in elementary school (SD).

“I’ve met a programmer who is 10 years old. So, if abroad the computational thinking curriculum has started to be implemented in elementary schools (SD). This is really good for stimulating coding at an early age,” he added.

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4. Being a software developer, you don’t need to be afraid of not getting a job

According to Amanda, as a software developer you don’t need to be afraid of not getting a job. This is because the knowledge learned is based on technology which is currently developing rapidly. In addition, if you can’t get the job you want, you can actually build your own website or startup so that later you can open job vacancies for other people.

“As a software developer, you don’t need to be afraid of not being able to work. Because you can build your own website or startup so that later you will open up job vacancies for people,” he said.

In this case, the woman who had studied in Australia also gave tips for fresh graduates who want to find workers in the midst of this pandemic. He said if no applications were successfully accepted, try to improve skills through various accesses, including the internet. In addition, you can also create a portfolio to support existing job application documents.

“In this pandemic, it is time for up skilling. Moreover, now everything can be accessed via the internet. You can learn coding anywhere, one of them is Skilvul. There we have provided materials and mentors to learn. Later when your skills have improved you can try to make them. portfolio. Usually this is an important thing seen by HRD, right, “said Amanda.