How to Repair Damaged Cellphone Software

How to Repair Damaged Cellphone Software – Mobile is one of the devices that we use very often. Mobile phones that are often used will definitely be damaged. The common thing is the damage to the software on the cellphone. The following is an easy way to repair damaged cellphone software

1. Soft reset

This method is usually traveled if your cellphone has hangs. How to do a soft reset on HP is quite easy. You just press and hold the power button until your cellphone doesn’t work. After that turn back your cellphone, and your cellphone has returned to normal as usual. So that your cellphone doesn’t hang back, you should uinnstall the application that causes HP hangs on your cellphone.

2. Uninstall application

The more applications installed on HP, then more and more commands that must be done by the processor and RAM in your cellphone. When the two components have been overloaded and unable to handle everything, the HP performance will get slower. Can even resulted in hanging. Therefore, uninstall some applications that are not needed on your cellphone.

3. Unroot

Rooting is a trick that is usually done by people who understand the cellphone. The aim is to access several features that cannot be used by ordinary HP users and so that the HP software can be modified. Indeed, HP manufacturers lock access to root, the same term as “Administrator” access to the Windows OS, with the aim that the user does not regulate the things that can cause their Android device to be damaged due to the arrangement error. Therefore, if the user makes a mistake when modifying the software on the cellphone, then the Softawre will become a defect. The defect can cause several new problems such as Hang, Bootloop, Hardbrick, or even can cause the cellphone to die completely. Therefore, do unroot on your cellphone.

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4. Upgrade

The upgrade referred to here can be an application upgrade installed on the cellphone or upgrade the cellphone OS to the latest version. Not infrequently, HP manufacturers and application developers release the latest updates so that bug-bugs that arise in the OS or their application can be overcome. However, sometimes if the available update does not match the specifications owned by the cellphone, the update can actually cause new problems.

To ensure the latest upgrade software available for your cellphone, then check the system upgrade by select the main menu> Settings or Settings> About Phone or about Phone> Update / Update Systems.

If there is an update available, select “Update”. Make sure your data quota is enough to update your cellphone software. However, if the update is not available, the words will usually appear “Your System Currently Up To Date”, which means your cellphone is now using the latest software.

You can also upgrade manually on your mobile software. This method is almost the same as flashing. The difference is, you use the latest version of firmware. Of course, this method is at risk and should be done by people who already understand.

5. Hard reset

This method will actually restore the condition of your cellphone to the condition when the cellphone is still in new condition. So that the condition of your cellphone software will return “fresh” like when it’s just bought. However, the risk after you do this method, you will lose all your data, including applications and contacts that have been saved. Therefore, before doing this method, backup your data first. If you forget, you can’t do how to restore deleted data on Android after your cellphone is hard reset.…