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Software That You Don't Need to Install on Windows 10

Software That You Don’t Need to Install on Windows 10

Software That You Don’t Need to Install on Windows 10 – Of the many applications installed on your PC, do you use them regularly and function properly, and sometimes there are some applications that you don’t even know their function of.

Try to count, how many applications are installed on your PC? Then, do you wear everything regularly? In reality, we don’t use all the applications installed on the PC. Some of them don’t even know their function. Confess!

These applications will only take up storage and even make the PC slower. Therefore, it would be better if you delete it. What can you do? Check out the following.

1. Internet Explorer

Who is still using this browser? Internet Explorer is known to be so slow that many people make memes about it. This software owned by Microsoft has been abandoned by users because there are many other browsers that work better.

Reporting from Make Use Of, Microsoft has also said that they will not update the Internet Explorer feature. But somehow they still offer Internet Explorer as the default application.

2. WhatsApp

Not that it’s useless, WhatsApp is included in this list because there are still other options for accessing it. You don’t need to bother installing it on a laptop. Apart from using mobile phones, WhatsApp Web is also available which can be accessed from a browser.

The method is also quite easy. You just have to open WhatsApp Web then scan the barcode with the application installed on your cellphone. You can also directly access your account.

3. CCleaner

You installed CCleaner on your PC? This app claims to clean your PC and make it run faster. However, CCleaner actually has a similar function to Windows Disk Cleanup.

It does perform the function according to its claim. However, there are some downsides that it can bring to your PC. Some users have complained about malware issues and spying features that are thought to come from CCleaner. If you decide to delete it, you can still clean your PC with tools from Windows.

4. iTunes

Reporting from The Atlantic, iTunes is a bad Apple application, especially when installed on a PC. Mac users only complain about this. You can imagine how bad it would be if the music application was installed for Windows right?

It will not damage the system or install malware anyway. However, the performance is very slow and difficult to operate. Instead, you can install other music apps that work better on PC.

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5. Flash Player

Flash Player or Shockwave Player is a product made by Adobe. This application, which has been around for 20 years, has drawn complaints about its security.

Reporting from the Groovy Post, Adobe will even withdraw it from the market in 2020. Apart from that, another reason to delete it is because there are many other applications that can run the Flash Player function.

6. Norton Antivirus

A good antivirus will protect you from all threats without you knowing it is working. Norton can indeed protect you from viruses and their friends.

However, this application is quite “noisy”. What this means is, it will keep on appearing on the screen and slowing down your PC. Many users complained about this but Norton didn’t do much.…

Best iOS and MacOS Software for Writers

Best iOS and MacOS Software for Writers

Best iOS and MacOS Software for Writers – After going through several stages of the filtering process, we are finally able to perfect the articles we have collected with data from reliable sources regarding the best iOS and MacOS software for writers.

Do you have an iPad or iMac and you love writing? If so, this article is for you. If not? Hopefully with this article, you are excited to write.

These are software tools for iOS and MacOS that Apple fans can use to streamline literary ideas and activities.

1. Pages

First, let’s start with what’s already on MacOS and iOS, namely “Pages”.

Like Microsoft Word for Apple, Pages, which is part of the iWork Productivity Suite, is a word processing software that is no less up-to-date than its Microsoft rival.

In fact, Pages can be said to have various features that are not visible in Microsoft Word such as really cool templates, features for processing audio into words, and collaboration features like Google Docs!

Oh yes, if you are already working on a document in Microsoft Word format, Pages understands and supports that format too.

If you have an Apple device other than a Macbook (such as an iPhone or iPad), you can work on your documents anywhere and anytime by saving them on iCloud. Your friends can also collaborate on documents.

To keep your documents safe, make sure your Apple device supports Touch ID so only you and you can open it!

If you are an emcee, don’t bother. Pages can be turned into a teleprompter with Presenter Mode! Just type what you want to say, done.

2. Microsoft Word

Take it easy, even though it’s a rival, that doesn’t mean Microsoft products can’t be used on Apple (even though Pages isn’t available for Windows). You can also consider Microsoft Word as your favorite word processor.

Even though Pages looks so sophisticated, Microsoft Word has undoubtedly maintained its dominance as the best word processing tool on any operating system (OS), including Apple.

If you are a Microsoft Word user, you must be familiar with its user-friendly features and can make the writing process fast and straightforward.

Just like Pages, Microsoft Word is also equipped with collaborative features, so that you and your friends can join in editing documents anywhere and anytime. Just save it on OneDrive.

However, even though it is available for free, to enjoy other exclusive features, you are required to buy the Office 365 Home package for IDR 1.2 million (IDR 120 thousand per month) or Office 365 Home & Business for IDR 4.7 million (one time purchase).

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3. Google Docs

If you’re looking for software with features that are no less recent than Microsoft Word and Pages and collaborative features that run smoothly, Google has the answer.

No need to download on the device, this one software is very easy to use. It’s so easy, Apple users give it a score of 4.8 out of 5!

You only have to open, and you can invite your friends to work on a document together without having to bother meeting at one point.

No need to worry, just like its rivals, Google Docs can be done offline, while waiting for the internet to turn on again. Of course, if the internet dies, all by yourselves.

When it’s finished, all you have to do is download your work, just in case you want to edit it in another word processing tool.…

Things You Must Know About Software Developers

Things You Must Know About Software Developers

Things You Must Know About Software Developers – Next, we will provide reliable articles that we have summarized and made as light as possible, so that they can be read by all groups, here are things you must know about software developers.

1. Software developer is a job with an ever-changing field of science

According to Amanda, software developer is a field of work with ever-changing knowledge. For that, he said that the educational curriculum regarding programming languages ​​could not be standardized because it would change every year. In fact, he revealed that the Skilvul boot camp that he formed had a curriculum that was changed every two months.

“In my opinion, specifically the field of software developer is a science that is always changing. So the existing curriculum cannot be standardized because it keeps changing. If it is formalized, it could become stale. So it is more dynamic. We update the curriculum in Skilvul every month,” he said.

2. Logic, computational thinking, and English are the basic skills that a software developer must have

In the webinar session, the Chief of Evolution Skilvul also said that there are three basic abilities that are very important for a software developer to have. “To become a software developer, the most important abilities are logic, computational thinking, and English,” he explained.

Although according to Amanda, logic skills are not fully related to scripting coding, this is very helpful when you want to implement an algorithm. In addition, the ability to computational thinking is important for the foundation and foundation in learning computer programming languages.

So, while the ability to speak English is used to find solutions to any problems that arise in coding. This is because usually all programming languages ​​use English. In fact, the source of this knowledge is in English.

“Logic is not related to scripting coding, but from this logic it can be implemented to process algorithms. Computational thinking refers more to the basics for learning programming languages. So, if this ability is not strong, you will find it difficult when you are offered a job with a programming language other than the one. You can. For English, all programming languages ​​use English. Existing sources even all use English, “said Amanda.

3. There is no age limit for learning a programming language

“Age is not something that can limit us from learning to be programmers. As long as there is an intention and motivation, anyone can certainly be able to pursue this field. However, the ideal age is that they should be able to read first,” said Amanda.

He even shared his experience of meeting a programmer who was only 10 years old. According to Amanda, this could happen because abroad the computational thinking curriculum has been taught since students are in elementary school (SD).

“I’ve met a programmer who is 10 years old. So, if abroad the computational thinking curriculum has started to be implemented in elementary schools (SD). This is really good for stimulating coding at an early age,” he added.

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4. Being a software developer, you don’t need to be afraid of not getting a job

According to Amanda, as a software developer you don’t need to be afraid of not getting a job. This is because the knowledge learned is based on technology which is currently developing rapidly. In addition, if you can’t get the job you want, you can actually build your own website or startup so that later you can open job vacancies for other people.

“As a software developer, you don’t need to be afraid of not being able to work. Because you can build your own website or startup so that later you will open up job vacancies for people,” he said.

In this case, the woman who had studied in Australia also gave tips for fresh graduates who want to find workers in the midst of this pandemic. He said if no applications were successfully accepted, try to improve skills through various accesses, including the internet. In addition, you can also create a portfolio to support existing job application documents.

“In this pandemic, it is time for up skilling. Moreover, now everything can be accessed via the internet. You can learn coding anywhere, one of them is Skilvul. There we have provided materials and mentors to learn. Later when your skills have improved you can try to make them. portfolio. Usually this is an important thing seen by HRD, right, “said Amanda.


Career Prospects for Softwarer Programmers 

Career Prospects for Softwarer Programmers 

Career Prospects for Softwarer Programmers  – Programmer is one of the careers that is quite popular with today’s teenagers, the task of a programmer is to create or test code used to create a software program.

Along with the development of the digital world, the need for labor in the technology sector is also increasing. However, despite the increasing number of job vacancies in the technology sector, there are still many companies in Indonesia that have difficulty finding human resources who are good at technology. One of the causes is the gap between the required qualifications and the skills that prospective workers have.

1. High demand jobs in Indonesia

The demand for jobs in technology is very high. How could it not be, digitization is now occurring in all sectors: from logistical needs, to basic necessities, to examinations to doctors which are carried out online. However, the availability of competent manpower in the field of technology, especially programming, is still lacking.

Amanda, who is also a computer science graduate at Curtin University, Australia, stated, “In these 10 years, Indonesia still lacks 9 million programmers, you know. When compared to other countries, it is quite far behind, huh. Most people are aware that digital developments continue to occur, but awareness and willingness to study technology in more depth is still rare. ”

In fact, despite the 70% reduction in job vacancies in general, companies’ need for programmers is still fairly stable. “How come? Just order coffee now it’s digitized. So, if you want to talk about good job prospects for this digital era, yes, programmer, “.

2. Improving the Indonesian education system in the field of technology

When compared with several other countries, education in Indonesia in the technology sector is still quite behind. As a simple example, Amanda said that she once conducted a survey at an educational institution and found that the books that are still used at that institution are the same books when she was in college. “Information technology is a science that is constantly changing, the curriculum must be dynamic, it does not need to be standardized,” he explained.

Amanda added, “Ideally, by looking at the needs of programmers in this digital era, information and communication technology lessons should learn more about programming and coding. It’s no longer the time to study Microsoft, you know. You see, Indonesia is lagging behind the education system abroad – coding has been taught since children enter elementary school. The curriculum of information and communication technology cannot be stagnant, it must be updated so that it is continuously relevant. ”

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3. Not always good at math

Not a few people think that studying information technology will involve a lot of memorization and mathematical calculations. In order not to get entangled with this assumption, Amanda explained some of the skills that you really must have, “There are some fundamental things that we need to have as the main capital to learn programming and coding. Logic, computational thinking, English, and if there is math, that’s just basic math. I’m not good at math either. ”

For new graduates, there is also no need to worry if they do not fully master the field. In the eyes of experienced programmers, recruitment teams usually judge not only their abilities, but also several other important things, such as willingness to experiment on their own, curiosity, curiosity, and persistence in problem solving.

4. Take advantage of the pandemic period to enrich your portfolio

The COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably affected the labor market in Indonesia. Even though the economic situation is uncertain, it is believed that jobs in technology will still be wide open. This moment is an opportunity for new graduates or prospective workforce in the field of technology to learn new things and to be more aggressively upskilling so that they can adapt to the latest trends.…

Best Video Editing Software For Beginners

Best Video Editing Software For Beginners

Best Video Editing Software For Beginners – At this time there are very many people who learn how to edit videos, with many enthusiasts in video editing there are many software that make it easier for beginners to edit videos.

Not only complete equipment, making good videos also requires a taste in video editing. Like a riddle or puzzle, you must be smart in combining the images you have.

Without easy-to-use video editing software or applications, those of you who are beginners will have difficulty starting and executing the video. Therefore, we have several recommendations for software and applications that you can use.

Here are recommendations for some of the best video editing software for beginners that you can use to edit your own videos. Want to know anything? Let’s just check out the best video editing applications or software on the following laptop.

1. Apple iMovie

For those of you who own a Mac, you’re in luck because Apple provides iMovie for free. iMovie is very basic, simple but useful.

This software has green-screen features, integration with other audio and social media platforms, and can render videos with a fairly high image quality level. As a beginner, you shouldn’t be too confused about using this software.

2. Windows Movie Maker

The rival of iMovie. If Apple has iMovie, then Windows has Movie Maker. As free software, Movie Maker has a very standard quality. It can create videos in AVI, MPEG, WMV and several other formats.

This software is given specifically for Windows 7 users. But unfortunately, Windows has stopped this software. You can still find the installation on the internet.

3. LumaFusion

In the description, LumaFusion is used for professionals in editing their videos.

However, it’s quite easy to use and as a beginner you shouldn’t have any trouble using it.

LumaFusion is able to provide a high level of image quality, accompanied by quite a variety of effect options. Many YouTubers are now using this application.

The problem is, so far LumaFusion is only intended for iOS users and to use it, you need to pay at least IDR 300 thousand.

4. Adobe Premiere Pro

Actually, this application does not need to be mentioned because anyone will use it. With complete features, Premiere Pro is targeted at professionals, but beginners can also use it.

The first time you use it will be a little confusing, but once you get the hang of it, you should be able to work on any video with ease.

5. InShot

Not all video makers have adequate video equipment and only have cell phone cameras. If so, InShot can be a recommended application for you.

As a video editor application, InShot is very easy to use, because the user interface is easy to understand and has quite a variety of animated stickers.

If your cellphone camera is of good quality and you only want to make a one-minute Instagram video, InShot is a great app.

6. Sony Vegas

An alternative if you want to avoid Adobe Premiere Pro. Sony Vegas has a timeline-based video editing user interface like Premiere, but the effects and transition features are pretty good.

Not only that, the import and export are also quite good, so you don’t have to worry about stress.

7. Final Cut

Another alternative for those Mac users. Final Cut is similar and as popular as Adobe Premiere. With a user interface that has a dark color, you can use Final Cut to focus more in dark places, with lots of effects that go with it.

If you know, some big films are even produced through this software, such as The Social Network, 500 Days of Summer and many more.…