5 Best Hotspot Software

5 Best Hotspot Software – When there is no internet network or not connected to the internet, surely some of us feel bored and don’t know what to do without the internet. One way to overcome this is to use a hotspot. What if you create your own WiFi network by relying on a laptop / PC? Is it possible? Of course you can, as long as you have one of the following best hotspot apps. This hotspot application will help you to create a hotspot on your PC / laptop. Curious? Check out the reviews in this article.


Connectify is by far the most recognized and popular software for turning a PC into a Wi-Fi hotspot. This software is available for free, but for those who want more features, there are also paid versions, namely Pro and Max.

The biggest difference between the free and paid versions is that the free version only allows users to share internet connection via Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Then, the free version also does not provide support for SSID customization, firewall control and others. But beyond that, the free version is more than enough.


Just like Connectify, mHotspot is also a software that is known to turn a PC into a virtual Wi-Fi router. However, mHotspot has one advantage which is that it is completely free without any premium or paid versions.

mHotspot allows users to share internet via LAN, Ethernet and Wi-Fi to various devices such as laptops, cellphones, tablets and others. Users can connect up to 10 devices at once via software that can also be used as a repeater to widen the Wi-Fi range.

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Baidu WiFi Hotspot

Next up is Baidu WiFi Hotspot – cool software that can instantly create a hotspot for PC. It is very light and only takes up about 5MB of the user’s PC storage capacity. Just like other hotspot software, Baidu WiFi can connect to WiFi and create a hotspot using the same WiFi adapter.

Apart from that, there is also an option to create a hotspot using a WLAN connection. The best thing about this software is that it also allows users to share local files from HP to PC or vice versa.


Still with a hotspot application that favors freeware, this time MyPublicWiFi could be the right choice for you. With this MyPublicWiFi application, you can enjoy the application interface which is simple and easy to understand.

In addition, MyPublicWiFi is equipped with a firewall where you can determine which devices can connect to the WiFi network. In fact, users are also facilitated in the setting process and you can find out the sites visited by every device that is on your WiFi network.


HostedNetworkStarter is another hotspot software to use your PC as a WiFi hotspot. This software works very well like the previous 4 software, especially for creating a hotspot using a WiFi adapter on a PC and allowing other devices to connect.

This software still supports Windows 7, but can’t be used on Windows Vista or XP because there is no WiFi Hosted Network feature in both versions of Windows. One of the coolest things about this software is that it is portable, aka no installation process is needed to run it.…

Best Photo Editing Software

Best Photo Editing Software – Nowadays, there are more and more people who like and are happy with what is called photo editing and even video. But not just any application that can make good and charming results. Now that we don’t need an application anymore, we can use some software that has the same function. Fortunately, Lightroom is not the only best photo editing software because out there there are quite a lot of similar software that is no less interesting and cool, open-source alias can be downloaded and used for free. Curious? Here are some of them.

GIMP is a free editing software that is perfect for editing photos, especially retouching or enhancing photos. Developed by the GIMP Development Team, this software is equipped with a myriad of photo manipulation features suitable for both casual users and professional creators.

GIMP can be an interesting option for those who don’t have much experience with photo manipulation. In addition to the Lightroom alternative, this software that supports third-party plugins and is available on Windows, MacOS and Linux, is also often recommended as an alternative to Photoshop.

2. DigiKam
Next up is DigiKam, a free photo editing software that focuses on photo management and tag editing. In addition, this software also includes a complete editing package designed to import, export, edit and manage photos or RAW images.

This software also has a variety of filters to choose from, in addition to support for placing photo albums so that your edited photos can be easily searched and found. DigiKam is the most viable choice for those who need software that can compare one photo to another, well.

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3. Photo Flow
Photo Flow is one of the best free photo editing software that supports editing for photos or images in RAW format. This software is designed to do things like retouching, but on the other hand, it also has several tools that allow users to do simple editing.

Besides RAW, Photo Flow also supports a variety of other photo formats. Photo Flow is suitable for those who want to manipulate RAW photos using tools that do not destroy the original data of the photo such as HDR tone mapping.

4. LightZone
LightZone is a free photo editing software that was originally created for commercial photo editing purposes. But now, Lightzone is available to all types of users and can be downloaded and used for free.

Just like Photo Flow, LightZone also supports “non-destructive editing” where the editing process is done on a different layer so that the original photo is not replaced by an edited photo and is still stored. In addition, just like Photo Flow – again, LightZone is also recommended for editing RAW photos because it can produce photos in high-quality JPG format.…

List of Unimportant Software

List of Unimportant Software – In your computer or laptop, you must have some software that is not so important in it that can cause the system to slow down or hang. The following is a list of unnecessary software that you should remove

1. QuickTime

QuickTime is a video player application from Apple. While QuickTime is still available and usable on macOS, Apple turned off QuickTime support for Windows-based PCs in 2016.

Shortly after announcing the discontinuation of QuickTime on Windows, Trend Micro reported that QuickTime had several security issues that Apple did not patch. Therefore, it is currently not safe to install QuickTime on Windows. If you use QuickTime and need an alternative, VLC is the one you must try.

2. CCleaner

CCleaner was originally a trusted Windows application for removing junk files on PCs, but its reputation has declined since its acquisition by Avast. A number of problems have arisen ranging from forced updates without permission, the data collection process that activates itself after the PC is restarted to so-called malware that enters the PC without the user’s knowledge. CCleaner is now better than ever, but for those who are worried that old problems will reoccur, you can use Windows’ built-in junk file cleaner feature, Disk Cleanup.

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3. uTorrent

uTorrent used to be one of the main applications for downloading torrent files, but problems that have arisen in the last few years have made it no longer reliable. In addition to presenting advertisements on the main page, uTorrent also sometimes offers several other tools or software, which for some people is very annoying.

Not only that, in 2015, uTorrent was also known to embed cryptocurrency mining software without the user’s knowledge. For alternatives, qBittorent is the most recommended.

4. Adobe Flash Player and Shockwave Player

Adobe officially discontinued support for Flash Player as of January this year. Although it has been blocked in some popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Edge, for those who have a copy of Flash Player as a local file on their PC, it is highly recommended to remove it.

That way, the user’s PC can be safe from security problems in the future, considering that Adobe no longer provides any support for Flash. Apart from Flash Player, another plugin called Shockwave Player is also recommended to be removed, as Adobe has also stopped providing support for it since 2019.…

How to Repair Damaged Cellphone Software

How to Repair Damaged Cellphone Software – Mobile is one of the devices that we use very often. Mobile phones that are often used will definitely be damaged. The common thing is the damage to the software on the cellphone. The following is an easy way to repair damaged cellphone software

1. Soft reset

This method is usually traveled if your cellphone has hangs. How to do a soft reset on HP is quite easy. You just press and hold the power button until your cellphone doesn’t work. After that turn back your cellphone, and your cellphone has returned to normal as usual. So that your cellphone doesn’t hang back, you should uinnstall the application that causes HP hangs on your cellphone.

2. Uninstall application

The more applications installed on HP, then more and more commands that must be done by the processor and RAM in your cellphone. When the two components have been overloaded and unable to handle everything, the HP performance will get slower. Can even resulted in hanging. Therefore, uninstall some applications that are not needed on your cellphone.

3. Unroot

Rooting is a trick that is usually done by people who understand the cellphone. The aim is to access several features that cannot be used by ordinary HP users and so that the HP software can be modified. Indeed, HP manufacturers lock access to root, the same term as “Administrator” access to the Windows OS, with the aim that the user does not regulate the things that can cause their Android device to be damaged due to the arrangement error. Therefore, if the user makes a mistake when modifying the software on the cellphone, then the Softawre will become a defect. The defect can cause several new problems such as Hang, Bootloop, Hardbrick, or even can cause the cellphone to die completely. Therefore, do unroot on your cellphone.

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4. Upgrade

The upgrade referred to here can be an application upgrade installed on the cellphone or upgrade the cellphone OS to the latest version. Not infrequently, HP manufacturers and application developers release the latest updates so that bug-bugs that arise in the OS or their application can be overcome. However, sometimes if the available update does not match the specifications owned by the cellphone, the update can actually cause new problems.

To ensure the latest upgrade software available for your cellphone, then check the system upgrade by select the main menu> Settings or Settings> About Phone or about Phone> Update / Update Systems.

If there is an update available, select “Update”. Make sure your data quota is enough to update your cellphone software. However, if the update is not available, the words will usually appear “Your System Currently Up To Date”, which means your cellphone is now using the latest software.

You can also upgrade manually on your mobile software. This method is almost the same as flashing. The difference is, you use the latest version of firmware. Of course, this method is at risk and should be done by people who already understand.

5. Hard reset

This method will actually restore the condition of your cellphone to the condition when the cellphone is still in new condition. So that the condition of your cellphone software will return “fresh” like when it’s just bought. However, the risk after you do this method, you will lose all your data, including applications and contacts that have been saved. Therefore, before doing this method, backup your data first. If you forget, you can’t do how to restore deleted data on Android after your cellphone is hard reset.…

Best Accounting Software Recommendations

Best Accounting Software Recommendations – Finding the best accounting software for your business is a challenging task, because each accounting software has its own advantages. The accounting system is one of the most important software for any business in Indonesia. There is not a single business that does not manage finances and financial management in several companies can become very complex so that the role of financial applications is currently very much needed.

Not only managing payments to suppliers or making invoices for clients, there are still many processes in financial management that need to be simplified such as tax management, bank reconciliation, debt and receivable management, and many more.

software akuntansi

Financial management is something that must be done by business owners, whether large-scale businesses or at the MSME level. Financial management will be the basis for the development of a business. The state of a business can also be seen from the way they manage finances. A good business must have good financial management, and vice versa. To facilitate financial management, there are many ways that can be taken. Starting from taking notes with Microsoft Excel to hiring the services of an accountant. But there is an easier way, namely by using free accounting software. In addition to being easy, this method can also be done without spending a fee or free.

If you are currently looking for accounting software to automate the handling of finances in your business, then you are reading the right article. The following is a list of the best accounting software in Indonesia that can be your consideration.

10 Recommended Free Accounting Software

1. Wave
Wave is a free accounting software that is equipped with features such as sending invoices, recording financial statements, and making online receipts. With this accounting software from Wave, you can link unlimited bank accounts and credit cards to your books. Wave has been used by hundreds of thousands of users both free and paid.

2. Zipbook
One of the free accounting software and very suitable for SMEs is Zipbook. Although given for free, Zipbook has quite complete features. Zipbooks are also an option for freelancers or freelancers to manage their finances. To provide convenience for users, Zipbook provides a live chat service that is always active during working hours. However, because Zipbook is not yet available in Indonesia, you have to adjust your working hours with working hours abroad.

3. Accounting
Accounting offers various important features needed by a business. With Accounting, you can invoice, sync accounts, track expenses, set up recurring invoices, manage customers, as well as manage vendors. Accounting is an accounting software that can be accessed for free but to access more advanced features such as online payments, you have to download an application which will cost you an annual fee.

4. Slickpie
Slackpie is an accounting software that offers an easy-to-understand interface for beginners. For those of you who don’t have much experience in the field of accounting software, you can choose Slickpie. In addition, Slackpie can also be accessed for free, but unfortunately for now, Slackpie does not have an Indonesian language option.

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5. GNUCash
GNUCash has been known and used by many people, especially this accounting software is designed for small and medium businesses. GNUCash is equipped with features such as account invoicing, receivables, account payables, investment accounts, value depreciation, tax tables, credit accounts, and loans. With GNUCash, you can track your income, bank account, expenses as well as stocks.

6. Cloudbooks
With the free version of Cloudbooks, you can use this accounting software and can add users freely, can create invoices, create projects, do integrated time tracking, track expenses and also provide estimates. Whereas with the paid version, you will get the facility of sending more than 5 invoices every month and can offer online payments on your invoices.

7. Zoho Invoice
Zoho Invoice is a free accounting software that can be accessed on smartphones and you can also integrate Zoho Invoice into the website version available on a computer or laptop. That way Zoho will make it easier for users because it can be accessed anywhere.

8. NCH Express
NCH ​​Express is one of the accounting software whose free version can support the financial management of small businesses with less than 5 employees. With this accounting software, you can access and generate 20 financial reports needed by businesses. With this NCH Express you can also manage debts and receivables. Meanwhile, to be able to access bookkeeping online, you must purchase a cloud version of accounting software.

9. TurboCash
TurboCash is a free accounting application that is very suitable for small, medium and large businesses, TurboCash will help you manage business finances starting from making profit and loss reports, making balances, trial balances, bank reconciliation reports, invoices, VAT accounting, stock control, and also ledger production.

10. Kledo Free Accounting Software
One of the free applications that you must try is accounting software from Kledo. Kledo will make it easier for you to manage your business with Kledo’s features, such as for recording expenses, recording company income, and also for making financial reports. The convenience offered by Kledo can be found in the features provided by Kledo. The following features are owned by Kledo:…

Negative Impact of Using Antivirus Software

Negative Impact of Using Antivirus Software – Antivirus software is one of the software that is always in a computer device, this software is believed to be able to ward off viruses that will enter our devices.

Antivirus is a software or application that seems mandatory on a computer, laptop and smartphone. Given the role of antivirus, it has an important duty and responsibility to protect computer systems from various kinds of virus attacks that replicate through various existing gaps.

But on the other hand, antivirus also has a quite negative impact on the software system which will affect the speed and function performance of the operating system. For this reason, on this occasion the author will provide a review of the 5 negative impacts of installing antivirus software.

1. Make the operating system performance even heavier

As we know, antivirus is a software that runs continuously from the first time the device is turned on until the device is turned off. Of course this will affect the performance of the operating system speed in responding to commands from users.

And if we install more than one antivirus, then this can cause system delays when processing commands.

2. Potential to delete data without the user’s knowledge

Because the antivirus has access to quarantine and delete suspicious data, of course this does not rule out the possibility of automatic data deletion through the antivirus. This is because the data, which is actually harmless, has the same identity or format as the virus replication method.

To minimize this, we can turn off the auto delete feature on sectors of files or data that are considered suspicious.

3. Make some software or programs not run optimally

Because the antivirus always scans the data and files that we are executing, of course this can also affect defects in software or programs with data extensions that are considered suspicious by the antivirus.

To minimize this, of course we can turn off the antivirus first before running software or programs that cannot run simultaneously with the antivirus.

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4. Potential to damage the operating system as a whole

Is one thing that is quite fatal, this happens if the antivirus has been scanning with the calling method via boot. So this process can lead to damage to the operating system as a whole, usually this process is run outside of the operating system so that when deleting the file system there is no internal warning from the operating system to prevent data deletion.

And if this has already happened, then inevitably the user must take handling actions such as reinstalling or performing a system restore if previously made a backup.

5. Damaging the authenticity of specific data

Not only deleting data beyond user control, antivirus can also make changes to data that is considered suspicious. This is usually found in clearly formatted data such as word files, excel, and so on.

Antivirus makes changes to this data, in order to remove some data elements that are considered dangerous even though the data does not actually contain viruses at all.…

Software That You Don’t Need to Install on Windows 10

Software That You Don’t Need to Install on Windows 10 – Of the many applications installed on your PC, do you use them regularly and function properly, and sometimes there are some applications that you don’t even know their function of.

Try to count, how many applications are installed on your PC? Then, do you wear everything regularly? In reality, we don’t use all the applications installed on the PC. Some of them don’t even know their function. Confess!

These applications will only take up storage and even make the PC slower. Therefore, it would be better if you delete it. What can you do? Check out the following.

1. Internet Explorer

Who is still using this browser? Internet Explorer is known to be so slow that many people make memes about it. This software owned by Microsoft has been abandoned by users because there are many other browsers that work better.

Reporting from Make Use Of, Microsoft has also said that they will not update the Internet Explorer feature. But somehow they still offer Internet Explorer as the default application.

2. WhatsApp

Not that it’s useless, WhatsApp is included in this list because there are still other options for accessing it. You don’t need to bother installing it on a laptop. Apart from using mobile phones, WhatsApp Web is also available which can be accessed from a browser.

The method is also quite easy. You just have to open WhatsApp Web then scan the barcode with the application installed on your cellphone. You can also directly access your account.

3. CCleaner

You installed CCleaner on your PC? This app claims to clean your PC and make it run faster. However, CCleaner actually has a similar function to Windows Disk Cleanup.

It does perform the function according to its claim. However, there are some downsides that it can bring to your PC. Some users have complained about malware issues and spying features that are thought to come from CCleaner. If you decide to delete it, you can still clean your PC with tools from Windows.

4. iTunes

Reporting from The Atlantic, iTunes is a bad Apple application, especially when installed on a PC. Mac users only complain about this. You can imagine how bad it would be if the music application was installed for Windows right?

It will not damage the system or install malware anyway. However, the performance is very slow and difficult to operate. Instead, you can install other music apps that work better on PC.

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5. Flash Player

Flash Player or Shockwave Player is a product made by Adobe. This application, which has been around for 20 years, has drawn complaints about its security.

Reporting from the Groovy Post, Adobe will even withdraw it from the market in 2020. Apart from that, another reason to delete it is because there are many other applications that can run the Flash Player function.

6. Norton Antivirus

A good antivirus will protect you from all threats without you knowing it is working. Norton can indeed protect you from viruses and their friends.

However, this application is quite “noisy”. What this means is, it will keep on appearing on the screen and slowing down your PC. Many users complained about this but Norton didn’t do much.…

Best iOS and MacOS Software for Writers

Best iOS and MacOS Software for Writers – After going through several stages of the filtering process, we are finally able to perfect the articles we have collected with data from reliable sources regarding the best iOS and MacOS software for writers.

Do you have an iPad or iMac and you love writing? If so, this article is for you. If not? Hopefully with this article, you are excited to write.

These are software tools for iOS and MacOS that Apple fans can use to streamline literary ideas and activities.

1. Pages

First, let’s start with what’s already on MacOS and iOS, namely “Pages”.

Like Microsoft Word for Apple, Pages, which is part of the iWork Productivity Suite, is a word processing software that is no less up-to-date than its Microsoft rival.

In fact, Pages can be said to have various features that are not visible in Microsoft Word such as really cool templates, features for processing audio into words, and collaboration features like Google Docs!

Oh yes, if you are already working on a document in Microsoft Word format, Pages understands and supports that format too.

If you have an Apple device other than a Macbook (such as an iPhone or iPad), you can work on your documents anywhere and anytime by saving them on iCloud. Your friends can also collaborate on documents.

To keep your documents safe, make sure your Apple device supports Touch ID so only you and you can open it!

If you are an emcee, don’t bother. Pages can be turned into a teleprompter with Presenter Mode! Just type what you want to say, done.

2. Microsoft Word

Take it easy, even though it’s a rival, that doesn’t mean Microsoft products can’t be used on Apple (even though Pages isn’t available for Windows). You can also consider Microsoft Word as your favorite word processor.

Even though Pages looks so sophisticated, Microsoft Word has undoubtedly maintained its dominance as the best word processing tool on any operating system (OS), including Apple.

If you are a Microsoft Word user, you must be familiar with its user-friendly features and can make the writing process fast and straightforward.

Just like Pages, Microsoft Word is also equipped with collaborative features, so that you and your friends can join in editing documents anywhere and anytime. Just save it on OneDrive.

However, even though it is available for free, to enjoy other exclusive features, you are required to buy the Office 365 Home package for IDR 1.2 million (IDR 120 thousand per month) or Office 365 Home & Business for IDR 4.7 million (one time purchase).

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3. Google Docs

If you’re looking for software with features that are no less recent than Microsoft Word and Pages and collaborative features that run smoothly, Google has the answer.

No need to download on the device, this one software is very easy to use. It’s so easy, Apple users give it a score of 4.8 out of 5!

You only have to open docs.google.com, and you can invite your friends to work on a document together without having to bother meeting at one point.

No need to worry, just like its rivals, Google Docs can be done offline, while waiting for the internet to turn on again. Of course, if the internet dies, all by yourselves.

When it’s finished, all you have to do is download your work, just in case you want to edit it in another word processing tool.…